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In recognition of this danger, as an obligation to truth and because of the need to establish a common groundwork for mutual fellowship in youth first of all, a group of Protestant ministers in the United States last year agreed to revise the text-books now used in Christian Sunday Schools, in order to expunge hatred-inciting, unauthentic and prejudiced accounts of the Jewish roles in the crucifixion.

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A commission to change these books is now in order. God proper its labors! Feinberg further wrote "the documentary basis for the charge that Jews caused the death of Jesus can be only found in one of the four Gospels John, which students universally consider the least reliable and the one written after the longest interval".

John is named as anti-semite". In , the Conservative government of Premier George A. Drew announced as of September of that year, "instruction in the tenets of the Christian faith" would be mandatory in all Ontario's public schools. In , Feinberg wrote an article in Maclean's charging that there was rampant antisemitism in Canada, writing:.

Many bank positions are not open to Jews. Only three Jewish male physicians have been admitted to non-Jewish Hospital staffs in Toronto. City Councils debate whether Jewish petitioners should be permitted to build a synagogue; property deeds in some areas bar resale to them. I have seen crude handbills circulated thanking Hitler for his massacre of 80, Jews in Kiev. In , he was the inspiration behind a legal challenge to the "restrictive covenants" that forbade the selling or renting of property to Jews by supporting the Re Drummond Wren case.

Feinberg attended later in a meeting of the CJC leaders that concluded that the Social Credit movement, whose support was mostly found in western Canada and in Quebec, was the most dangerous anti-Semitic movement in Canada, and the CJC should do everything within its power to discredit Social Credit. A supporter of Zionism , when on 6 December , the United Nations declared that the Palestine Mandate would be partitioned into an Arab state and a Jewish state, Feinberg put on a pageant at Holy Blossom starring the children of his congregation in celebration.

Canada, however, remains the soil on which young Canadian Jewry has been born". In , Feinberg attended a conference of the World Jewish Congress in Paris , where he criticized Canadian immigration law for excluding Jewish nurses and domestic workers from coming to Canada. In , MacKay's ruling in the Drummond Wren case was struck down in the Noble v Alley case by the Ontario Superior Court of Appeal, which ruled that "restrictive covenants" were "legal and enforceable". In , Feinberg met Leslie Frost , the Conservative Premier of Ontario, to press him for pass laws ending discrimination against minorities, saying: "It is a sham to attempt to defend Western democracy against Communism if a man or a woman is prevented from getting a job because of discrimination against race, religion or color".

In , Dorothy Sangster wrote in Macleans' about him: "Today American-born Rabbi Feinberg is one of the most controversial figures to occupy a Canadian pulpit. Gentiles recognize him as the official voice of Canadian Jewry. This fact was aptly demonstrated a few years ago when Montreal's Mayor Houde introduced him to friends as Le Cardinal des Juifs —the Cardinal of the Jews". In December , Feinberg set off a notable row in Toronto when he delivered a sermon denouncing as an injustice that Jewish children in public schools were being forced to sing Christmas carols.

Neither potential arrogance nor an inferiority complex is a proper seed-bed for Canadian citizenship. Feinberg continued to be a supporter of Zionism, and engaged in debates with the United Church of Canada over the issue. After the Observer , the journal of the United Church, had published a pro-Palestinian article by Claris Silcox saying the establishment of Israel in had been an outrage, Feinberg asked for and was allowed to publish a rebuttal article in the next edition of the Observer.

Feinberg accused Nasser of having "Hitler-like dreams" about Jews. In , Feinberg became the first rabbi to receive an honorary degree from the University of Toronto.

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In , Feinberg retired and was granted the title of rabbi emeritus. Feinberg noted Canada welcomed all Hungarian refugees because they were white and anti-communist, despite the fact that many of them had health problems, while turning away healthy immigrants from the West Indies, despite that fact the former British colonies in the Caribbean were members of the Commonwealth "family".

In July , when the Lion's Club of Toronto invited the white supremacist governor of Alabama, George Wallace , to give a lecture on race relations, Feinberg was the principle organizer of the protests against Wallace coming to Toronto. In September , Maclean's published an article by Feinberg urging inter-racial marriage as the solution to race conflict, writing: "We support the civil rights movement in the U. Yet for all our protestations to the contrary, we seldom act as though all races were equal. Most Canadians who talk equality have seldom been on close terms with a Negro Until we learn to fight our ingrown fears of sexual relations between the races, the end of the race problem will not be in sight.

Even the warlike Fiji Islanders, who barbecued their last missionary eight decades ago, are now, according to Saturday Review editor Norman Cousins, the most warmhearted, generous and trusting of human tribes". Feinberg condemned the Vietnam War as "immoral", saying that in all good conscience he must speak out against the war. Feinberg called Ho this "paragon of durability impervious to events", who spoke to him in French and told him he was convinced that North Vietnam would win. On his way back to Toronto, Feinberg stopped in London to give a press conference, where he stated that Ho had told him that he was willing to meet Johnson in Hanoi to discuss peace "but without a gun at his hip".

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By , Feinberg had emerged as the chairman of Vietnam Coordinating Committee in Toronto that organized protests against the war and pressed the Canadian government to grant asylum to American draft-dodgers who had fled to Canada. He further reported that all of the Muscovite Jews he talked to expressed their gratitude to the Red Army for defeating Nazi Germany, observing that if the Wehrmacht had taken Moscow in , then the Jews of Moscow would had been exterminated just like the Jews of Kiev, Smolensk, Odessa, Kishinev, Sevastopol, Minsk and so many other Soviet cities taken by the Germans had been exterminated.

He noted that the assimilation policies of the Soviet regime was having its effects with the younger Soviet Jews speaking Russian instead of Yiddish, and the distinctive culture of the Ashkenazim was being subsumed into Russian culture. Feinberg wrote that "governmental indifference and intimidation" was bearing down hard on Soviet Jews. The Jewish cultural scene is a wasteland wherein comic relief was provided by a troupe of travelling singers and a tri-weekly newspaper in Birobidjan with a 1, circulation".

Howse stated that there was no connection between Christianity and the völkisch racism, portraying both Nazi Germany and the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" as "freakish aberrations" of the West, contenting that Western Christian civilization was naturally against phenomena such as genocide. At the time, Feinberg told The Montreal Gazette that he had gone to join the "Bed-In" out of admiration for Lennon, saying "he is one of the most powerful influences in the modern world, and I feel he is doing a phenomenal thing for peace. You're God's child, and any sound that comes out of you is beautiful.

I don't worship respectability. I feel you can sing for truth, justice and peace. On 1 June , in their room at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Lennon and Ono recorded the version of Give Peace A Chance alongside a chorus of their friends that was released to the public. In December , Feinberg spoke at a rally attended by American draft dodgers living in Toronto, where he praised them as American patriots, saying: "You should not feel that you are betraying America, you are saving it.

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I deny that I'm anti-American. I'm far more loyal to the United States than the silent majority" [supporting Richard Nixon, a reference to Nixon's "silent majority speech"].

In , he returned to the United States to be close to his son Jonathan. His last book, Sex and the Pulpit , was a demand for Judaism to acknowledge more the healthiness of human sexuality as a source of happiness. Feinberg argued what he called "sex negationism" was a distortion of Judaism. Feinberg wrote that for men the greatest fear when a woman gives birth is whatever the child is theirs or not, hence the fear that uncontrolled female sexuality would mean that they would never know if they really fathered the children that they believed to be theirs.

Feinberg noted on his visits to Jerusalem that he saw in the Orthodox neighborhoods signs that denounced women who wore short skirts or uncovered their arms as "prostitutes". He noted that many of the peoples the ancient Hebrews were in conflict with such as the Egyptians, the Phoenicians and the Greeks worshiped goddesses such as Isis, Ishtar , Dianna and Aphrodite, which increased the contrast between the patriarchal Yahweh vs.

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